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Inventory can be anything from boxes of ice cream cones in the storeroom at a sweet shop to a million-square-foot warehouse full of goods for a big box chain. But in either case, accurate inventory management is a key to that company's success.

Simply put, inventory is the goods that a business owns that it plans to sell. If your company is an apparel retailer, products become inventory when you take possession of shirts, dresses, suits and accessories from your suppliers. Those products leave the stock when they're sold to customers. Inventory can be stored on premises or at warehouses, distribution centers and other facilities.

Inventory is considered an asset, and as such is recorded on a company's balance sheet. Developing an accurate valuation for the balance sheet requires either a physical inventory count to determine the quantities on hand or an ongoing inventory system that creates an accurate record of each inventory-related transaction.

At PT. Mitrasarana Indonippon Logistics, we help our customer with maintaining their inventory using our reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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